Bringing up the owls

I was brought 3 baby owls about a week ago.

The first 3 days are always crucial with any birds. If they don’t die from stress and shock and you can get them to eat your chances are fairly good.

The first one (Kuti) was found at the local school and was very young. Still largely covered in fluff with just the tips of proper feathers showing.
Two days later I was brought 2 slightly older babies that were rescued from superstitious locals who were about to kill them.
One week on, they are all well and eating well.
I am about to start feeding them live food next week.

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  1. Alan Anderson
    Alan Anderson (Listing owner)

    The first baby had deformed feet and as he grew older was unable to perch properly.. Regrettably he had to be put down.

    The other two have been released into the wild.
    They will probably thrive but in any event, have been given the opportunity to live free.

    Two out of three is not that great but that’s life!

    17th Dec 2018 at 21:57

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