Chili Listing System Help Guide


Welcome to Chili Kuti Africa

Chili Kuti Africa offers an online booking engine and property management solution to all business owners.  Listing and managing your business has never been easier!



We would like to invite you to advertise and list your business on our fabulous platform today, for a monthly subscription fee of only 150GBP per month.  There are no additional set-up costs. We only charge an additional 10% of the total online booking value per booking as a commission to Chili Kuti Africa.


When you list your business on our platform, your Business Listing will include: 

  • Your business location on our front-end map
  • Directions to your business location
  • Your business names
  • Your business contact information such as your telephone number, your email address, your location and your website
  • Your business’s user rating (stars)
  • Place for users to rate your business
  • A short description of what your business is all about and what you offer
  • Pictures of your business, scenery and accommodation facilities
  • Unlimited number of room types with tariffs
  • Listing of all the facilities, activities, amenities and services you offer
  • Availability Check (Rooms, Tables etc.)
  • Online bookings and reservations
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • The ability to manage and edit your business listing yourself
  • Your listing will be available on our website as well as our mobile app for Android and IOS Smartphones


To get your business registered and listed on our platform, all you have to do, is to click on the “Register My Business” button in the left side menu of our mobile app, or you can click on any of the tabs on our website that says, “Register your property now”. 





— STEP 1 — Register

Click on the link that says, “Register Your Property Now”.  You will be directed to a section where you need to register your profile.  You will see two blue buttons that states Register and Log In.  Click on the Register button and enter your email address, once done, click on Let’s do it!



You will now get a message that says thanks for registering.  You will receive an email confirmation sent to the email address you registered with.  Go to your emails on your computer or cell phone and wait a few minutes for your registration confirmation.



You will receive two emails.  The first email will have your username and password on that you need to use when you log in to the system.


The second email will have 3 links on that take you to various places in our system.  To start, click on the FIRST LINK on the email, and you will be taken to your account details page where you can complete your subscription.



— STEP 2 — My Profile

Once you clicked on the first link you received on your confirmation email, you will be directed to your account details page.  If you click on the account details tab it will only show two options namely app permissions and Your Data.  Whenever your account details tab only shows these two headings, you must know that you aren’t logged in.  Once you are logged in, your account details tab will display all your information.



Click on the blue Log in button to log into our platform.  Log in with your registered email address and the password that the system emailed to you.




To ensure that you are logged in, your username should show on the top right corner of the website and if you click on your account details tab, you should see all your options available to you.  If you still only see your app data and app permissions tabs under your account details tab, you aren’t logged in, then your username or password was entered incorrectly.  Try again by logging in with the information the system emailed to you.  If you are logged in correctly and you can see all your options under account details, the next step before we register your property would be to go and change your login information to ensure you remember it for future use.



Go to the my profile section on the website and click on My Account.



Once you clicked on my account, you will see your dashboard with your change password option.



Click on change password and change your password to one that you will remember for future use. Click on save changes once done.



Once you changed your password you will get a green confirmation message stating that your password was changed. You can now log out.



Go to the login page under the my profile page.  Enter your email address and your new password and click on login.  You can now either click on the account details tab to continue to the next step or you can click on the My property dashboard tab under the my profile tab to continue to the next step.



— STEP 3 — Subscribe

Under account details, click on Add my property to this site.



You will now be directed to a page where you can choose your preferred subscription package.  Select your subscription package, complete your account information, tap submit and then you will be directed to the payment page.  Choose your preferred payment method (STRIPE) and click on the pay now button.  Once payment is done, you will be directed to your subscriptions page under the account information tab.


You can now go and click on edit my account under account details.  Complete this information as correctly and detailed as possible.



— STEP 4 — List Your Property

You are now ready to add your property to our site.  Click on add my property to this site under the  account details tab.  The information you capture here will be for the business you want to list. Once you have completed the information, click on the next button.



Once you clicked on the next button, you will be directed to your property page where you have different sections that you need to configure.  You need to complete all the sections highlighted in orange to have your listing fully functional.  The screen will look like this:



Our standard tariffs and room form will look like this.



Please note that you can change the room types by adding your own room types.  To do this go to the settings tab and select tariffs and rooms.



Once you have setup your room types and pricing, go to the next orange block you need to configure and configure it.  Once all your orange blocks are configured (except the one where you publish), you need to setup your payment gateways to allow guests to book and pay on your site.  To do this you will go to the settings page and click on property configuration.



Once you clicked on property configuration, you will see there are many features here that you can setup to your own liking but the most important ones are your company details (as this is what will display on the invoices sent to your customers) and also your payment gateways to allow your customers to pay for their bookings.



To setup your payment gateways go to payment gateways and click on the stripe link.  You need to setup your own stripe account and link it up here.



Once you have setup your property configurations, the last thing you need to do before publishing your listing is to upload images of your property.  To do this you will go to settings and select Media Centre.



Once you selected Media centre, you will be taken to the page where you can upload your images.  There are various headings where you need to upload pictures under.  Go on the blue dropdown that says extras and you will see all the headings there.  Select a heading and click on the green add images button.  Once done, add image to the site.  Once done go to the blue extras tab again and select your next heading and repeat the process until all your pictures are loaded.  Please keep the pictures under each heading to a maximum of 5 pictures.  Use good quality pictures and please resize them to a respectable size before uploading to ensure our site stays fast and efficient.  A good sizing guide would be no bigger than one megabyte per picture.



Now you are ready to publish your listing.  Click on the last orange block that says publish and publish your listing.



  • If you want to use your email address that you registered with to make bookings at other properties on our system, please go to your toolbar and select guests. You can then create a guest with your email address that you registered with.  When you make bookings at other properties you can select yourself as a guest from the dropdowns on the booking forms to make a booking.



  • Please complete your listing information as detailed as possible and save/submit once done.  Welcome to Chili Kuti Africa!  If you have any questions or need help with your listing, please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected]
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