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First and foremost, Chili Kuti does not, and will not, charge our members/App users for the use of our Mobile App and/or Web service. We provide them with an incredibly valuable and vital tool to make the most of their travels through the region. Not only will they be able to find accommodation, food, restaurants and all manner of services within our listings but also will have up to date safety, security and health information as well. Chili Kuti will at any point be able to show them the nearest fuel station, hospital, ambulances, police station, government departments, embassies and anything else to make their trip more pleasant and safe.

Our aim is have regional travellers regard Chili Kuti as the “Swiss Army Knife” of mobile apps.


Chili Kuti Africa has two very specific target markets.

Travelers & Tourists

Independent travellers to Malawi. Not those on package tours. Generally these will be people who have either driven to Malawi and/or those who will self-drive around Malawi. People who will be planning excursions around the country and thus will be seeking accommodation, food, restaurants, activities, car rentals and other travel related services. In some cases these people will want to pre-book but in many cases will act in a more spontaneous manner.


A simple advert in Chili Kuti will put your establishment on the mobile phones of all these potential customers.

Local Residents

There is a significant segment of the local market that does have disposable income. On occasion they will also get involved in local travel, particularly when they have friends and family visiting from abroad. In addition, this same group are regularly asking one another “Do you know where I can get …..?” In order to attract this market we are offering users a free classified ads system as well as the shopping and services that advertisers place in front of them With our Forum and Blogs we are hoping to achieve a “semi-Facebook” status within Malawi.


Chili Kuti will also become the “Swiss Army Knife” of Apps within Malawi




Versus Print

We provide you with far more than the equivalent of a full page advert. (Adverts that comprise a mini web page, mobile app, flexibility, maps, directions, instant communications and much, much more)

For less than:

A quarter page, static advert in a magazine with a total print run of about 9000.

A quarter page in a newspaper FOR ONLY ONE DAY

The flexibility to alter your adverts, yourself, as often as you wish at no charge.


Versus Accommodation Booking Sites

For a small monthly advertising fee you can completely eliminate the commissions (15% to 22%) charged.

If you choose to use our bookings and payments facility (not compulsory) we charge a mere 5% commission which INCLUDES the credit card charges.

Instead of being just one advert amongst thousands on the international sites, you can be one of only dozens on a tightly targeted and relevant market.

You have the flexibility to alter your adverts as often as you like, whenever you like. This enables you to react speedily to any changes. For example, a late cancellation, a weekend special, a valentine day offer etc.

You can link your adverts to “proximity specials”. In other words, any traveller within, say, 20 kilometers will see your adverts highlighted.


Versus Radio/TV


Target Market


Versus Other On-Line Services


Our very specific target market

Our extensive range of free services offered to our users

A minimal amount of advertising

A total absence of spam

No annoying push adverts to users





A listing on Chili Kuti Africa provides the advertiser with:

  • A details page (Mini Web Site)
  • A Bookings Page (Optional but FREE OF CHARGE)
  • A Payments facility (Optional at a 5% Commission)
  • Access via Mobile App as well as Web Site
  • Preferential listing on our interactive maps.

Whereas Chili Kuti is happy to set up these listings on your behalf, we allow our Advertisers to maintain these Adverts/Listings themselves. This means that our Advertisers are able to alter the adverts as often as they wish from their own PC – 24/7/365. In effect our Advertisers can easily tailor the listings to reflect one time offerings, change rates, add in special offers and publish seasonal messages – anything they may want. Change the advert to reflect your immediate needs and wants as often as you want – all for NO extra charge.




Description and Features of Listings on Chili Kuti Africa

Establishment: Details

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Physical Address
  • Postal Address
  • eMail Address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Mobile numbers
  • WhatsApp Address
  • Facebook Address
  • Twitter Address
  • Web Site Link
  • Photographs of your Hotel/Business/Restaurant and surroundings
  • Unlimited number of room types (with tariffs)and Photos
  • Unlimited number of rooms and Photos
  • Unlimited addition services with tariffs
  • List of all:
    • Activities
    • Amenities
    • Facilities
    • Restaurants
    • Services
  • Bookings Calendar (Free but optional)
  • Tariffs may be per room and/or per person
  • Long description of all you have to offer


Register Your Business



Nothing Fancy! Nothing technical! No layout artists needed. No expensive formats. Just simple stuff you can get from your PC.

Simply register on Chili Kuti as a user (Thus seeing what we offer to all our free users), go to our find my nearest section, register your business and fill in the details yourself. Your business can only be listed from your PC by clicking on the Register Your Business button below. It really is that simple.


Register Your Business





Access Level

  • Guest: able to view properties, make online or On-Request bookings
  • Registered: booking history, invoices, favourites, post reviews, pay balances
  • Receptionist: check-in/checkout guests and other reception related tasks
  • Manager: Full management access to his own properties



  • State of the art booking form
  • Charge per person per night or per room per night
  • Allow guests to select rooms individually or by quantity
  • Book multiple rooms at a time at the same property
  • Filter available rooms by room features/amenities
  • Flexible rates by season, weekdays or weekends
  • Flexible minimum stay lengths for each bookable day of the year
  • Create unlimited guest types – adults, children, infants, pensioners, etc
  • Set minimum occupancy by guest type for each room type
  • Single person supplements if you charge per person per night
  • Sell tours together with room bookings from the same booking form
  • Sell tours separately without any room bookings
  • Offer additional products and services directly on the booking form
  • Set what guest details fields are required/not required when booking



  • Multi-user, multi-property, multi-language, multi-currency
  • Always online – receive bookings 24/7, even outside business hours
  • Manage one or unlimited properties from a single interface
  • Accessible from mobiles, tables, laptops and desktops



  • Easily switch between the unlimited number of properties you manage
  • Easily approve/un-approve and publish/un-publish properties
  • Limit property registration to one country or allow all
  • Manage unlimited rooms by quantity or individually
  • Complete control over the property details and what guests will see
  • Convenient visual dashboard for managing available, booked or blocked dates
  • Sync bookings with external sites or calendars using iCal
  • Quick booking and check-in feature for walk-in guests
  • Approve or decline On-Request bookings
  • Amend bookings, override deposit or booking total
  • Add booking notes to each booking that will be visible only to you
  • Email or print booking confirmation letters or vouchers
  • Enter cash or offline payments made for each booking
  • Easy management of guests check-ins and checkouts
  • Sell additional products and services while the guest is checked in
  • Manage guests, edit their accounts or see their booking history
  • Print invoices, view outstanding amounts or mark them as paid
  • Create property related tours and activities that your guests can book
  • Upload unlimited images to properties, rooms, amenities and extras
  • Cleaning schedule for housekeeping purposes
  • Clone properties and tariffs, or mass create rooms
  • Sorting, searching, exporting and column visibility features to all tables



  • Discount coupons feature to boost your sales
  • Increase sales by offering personal discounts to your regular guests
  • Offer discounts to travel agencies or your partners
  • Automatically send confirmation emails, follow-ups, invoices and SMS’s
  • Embed the availability calendar or booking form to other websites



  • Database with all countries and regions of the world
  • Extended sorting options for the property list
  • Property List Views: list, tiles/photos, list with maps, condensed, swipe
  • Add properties to favourites (registered users) or shortlist (guests)
  • Comparison chart for up to 3 properties
  • Dynamically load next properties in the list
  • Responsive slideshow with thumbnails and modals
  • Monthly and yearly availability calendars


Payment Facilities

We use STRIPE as a payment gateway.

The card handling fees levied by STRIPE are included in the Chili Kuti Africa Commission rate.

STRIPE offers:

  • All major Credit/Debit Cards from customers in any country
  • Dynamic statement descriptions
  • Full and Partial Refunds
  • CVC / AVS checks
  • Guaranteed settlement
  • Allows for 135+ currencies
  • Authorization features
  • Retry Logic – alternative connection retries
  • Smart MCC
  • Card Account Updater (Automatically updates card numbers where expired/renewed)
  • Enhanced Authorizations – reduce fraud and increases acceptance rates
  • Stripe Radar Included. An advanced Fraud Protection Service that customises itself to meet the differing situations unique to each business in different parts of the world.
  • All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines.
  • Stripe’s infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in separate hosting infrastructure, and doesn’t share any credentials with Stripe’s primary services.

Check out the details of Stripe operation through their website:


Payment Options

  • Use the account, country and currency (*) of your choice
  • Choose to receive your payments on a weekly or monthly basis

(*) Bear in mind there is always an effective cost involved in currency conversions



  • Chart: view bookings income by year and month
  • Chart: view occupancy by month and day
  • Chart: view what countries your visitors come from
  • Chart: your property number of visits by year and month
  • Print or export bookings, invoices, guests, etc. as Excel, PDF, XML, CSV
  • Detailed analytics


Search Facilities

Search plugin with all search options and more layouts

  • Property type search tabs: search by property type, availability and features
  • Lucky Dip: Search by price and property features/amenities
  • Budget feature to display only properties within guest`s budget
  • Search option: by availability, display only properties with available rooms
  • Search option: by country, individually or as country/region/town Ajax combo
  • Search option: by region, individually or as country/region/town Ajax combo
  • Search option: by town, individually or as country/region/town Ajax combo
  • Search option: by property type (e.g. hotel, apartment, tour, etc.)
  • Search option: by room type (e.g. double, single, twin, triple, etc.)
  • Search option: by total number of guests in party
  • Search option: by property features/amenities
  • Search option: by description, free text search in all property text
  • Search option: by number of stars (not the reviews stars ranking)
  • Search option: by price range with customizable price increments
  • ReCaptcha secured contact form for enquiries (Reduce spam)
  • Categorized global property features with icons and tooltips
  • Global and property specific room features


Register Your Business





We offer members the opportunity to place classified adverts for buying/selling/offering almost anything. These adverts are FREE OF CHARGE for personal use of members but a small charge is made for commercial use of these Ads. Please see our rates card below. Please see our Advertising Guidelines for a list of what is and isn’t allowed. It’s mostly common sense. We reserve the sole right to decide what is and what is not commercial.


Description and Features of Classifieds on Chili Kuti Africa

We have two basic sections – Buying and Selling. The Buying is, as expected, the place where members go to look at the ads placed. The Selling Section has several categories:

  • Goods offered
  • Goods Required
  • Services offered
  • Services Required.

In each case there are multiple categories available. Choose your category, write your description, enter your contact details and price. If you like, upload some pics and you are ready to go.

Very simple and, in most cases, FREE.



Just have the above information at hand when going into the “Selling” Section. Items can only be listed for sale etc. from your PC by accessing our Classifieds Section On Our Website even though Buyers can access the Ads from PC and/or Mobile devices.





We do NOT insist on long term contracts. Chili Kuti is very much a “pay as you go” facility. If at any stage you wish to stop advertising, simply stop paying – simple as that!

HOWEVER, our offer to hold our Pre-Launch Prices firm for the first year only applies to advertisers who advertise and pay on an uninterrupted basis. In other words, should you run adverts from now until January 2019 they will all be at Pre-Launch rates. If you stop your advert in February and then start again in March it will be at normal rates.


You didn't add any pricing tables yet!


Register Your Business





The planned official launch of Chili Kuti Africa to the general public is 30th October 2018. On that date we will launch adverts, digital and otherwise, encouraging more users to get Free Apps and access our web site. We already have a user base but will not be aggressively growing it prior to the launch date. As we like our sites to reflect as much useful content as possible we are encouraging both free and premium listers to have their listings up and running as soon as possible.

To that end, we are not only offering the above substantial reduced rates but also:

  • Offering TWO months for the price of one during the Pre-Launch period
  • Allowing pre-launch advertisers the right to advertise at the pre-launch price for twelve months after launch date

Register Your Business


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