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It is our ambition that the Community of Chili Kuti users will eventually “take ownership” of this site. That more knowledgeable people will step in as voluntary editors, contributors, moderators and advice givers will step up and bring their own unique and current experiences into action. This is how the best Software development forums tend to work.  We see no reason why travellers should be any different.






If there is any change we could make or anything we can do to improve the site or make your travels easier then please let us know.  We do not promise to incorporate every suggestion but promise to take all suggestions seriously.






Chili Kuti will work best when more people get involved.


We need Users

  • To continuously update our information and correct errors
  • To rate service providers fairly but firmly


We need Contributors

To add to our knowledge and entertainment.  Send us any:

  • Photos
  • Articles
  • Videos

… relating to your experiences.  Share them with the community.

PS These must be your own work – let’s not get into copyright problems.


We need country/region coordinators

To help us keep information relevant and accurate within your country. This is best done by volunteers resident in the region who are preferably already involved in the tourism industry.  Very keen and current travellers could also do this job.


There’s no money involved.


No glory either.


Just helping others and seeing your name being acknowledged on the site.


By the way …


The majority of the photographs currently on the site were downloaded from Unsplash and Pixabay.  Others from the various Tourist Department sites.  The current exceptions being the stunning Meerkat pictures taken by Julie Hoddinott, an outstanding photographic artist, who has kindly allowed their use.


We very much would like to replace the majority of these pictures with those supplied by our contributors.  So please post your pictures and/or short videos. The ones we use will be attributed to you.







 Chili Kuti can only reach its full potential through co-operation with all the stakeholders involved in the region.

These include:

  • Governments
  • Emergency Services
  • Motorist Associations
  • Accommodation Providers
  • Sales and Service Providers


And most of all…………………



Whereas it is obviously in the interests of the advertisers of accommodation and other providers to keep their information up to date and accurate, sadly, the Governments, Emergency services and certain service sectors aren’t always that good. (We have found a Consulate still list by the respective Government that was closed over ten years ago!)  Chili Kuti is a tiny company.  We simply do not have the resources to investigate every fuel station, hotel, lodge, police station, hospital etc. on the sub-continent.






If you encounter any inaccuracies in our data please let us (and all other Chili Kuti users) know.  Please send us a message and we will correct that as soon as possible.


Regarding the more serious issues like emergency services, fuel stations, embassy contact details, border closing times, legal requirements (Licenses, visas, customs, etc.) this becomes critical.  Mistakes in these details can be hugely detrimental to all our users – sometimes even life threatening.  So please notify us immediately.


In a similar vein, should you encounter dangerous situations on you travels (Riots, unrest, war zones, armed bandits, attacks on strangers due to witchcraft concerns etc.) please notify us immediately.  We will send out an urgent warning to all users via both the app as well as by SMS.  Please don’t assume that others may have already notified us.  We would rather get a hundred messages telling us that a remote fuel station has closed than have one of our users find out the hard way.


The majority of information we have published on our site comes from other websites where we were able to satisfy ourselves (by cross referencing) that it was substantially accurate.  The problem is that we make mistakes, they make mistakes, information changes so it is vital to the success of this site and your travels that we continually strive to be accurate and up to date.  Chili Kuti is primarily a free service to the travellers and residents of our region.  It is for the benefit of all.  Any improvement you make could have a substantial positive impact on thousands.






* This phrase comes from a book (by Catherine Ryan Hyde) and movie of the same name. It’s a story about a young boy, Trevor, who dreams of a way to improve the world. He starts off by doing significant favours for three people. In each case Trevor asks that the people do not pay him back but instead “pay it forward”. In other words, each recipient should do a favour or help three other strangers and ask them to” pay it forward” © in turn.

The calculations are interesting:

If each person involved did, in fact, pay forward to three strangers within a short time then, before long, (only the 23rd iteration) over 940 billion people would have received help or favours from strangers. In other words most people on earth would have been paid forward multiple times!

941.4317883 BILLION PEOPLE HELPED !!!!

* NB. Wherever I have used this phrase it recognised that the copyright to this phrase is owned by the Pay It Forward Foundation.


 If you are interested in “Pay it forward ©” you may want to visit The Pay It Forward Foundation website.







I could never have achieved even a part of what is on this site without “standing on the shoulders of those who went before”.  There is very little on this site that is not available elsewhere on the Web.  What I have done is simply to assemble as much relevant information as possible from the hundreds of thousands of sites out there into one, hopefully valuable, site for African Road Travellers.

The concept was inspired by WikiCamps and CamperMate who provide a very similar service in New Zealand where I was impressed by their value.

The Pay It Forward Foundation.  I was inspired by the book.  I have tried to apply the concept to my own life.

Julie Hoddinott. A terrific Photographic Artist who has graciously allowed us to use her Meerkat pictures.

Simon Ager. The founder and owner of Omniglot. A fantastic website providing valuable information regarding the plethora of languages found hereabouts who has also kindly consented to us pasting his “Useful Phrases” into our Country Pages.

Loads of information gleaned from the official tourist sites of the countries involved.

The Travel Advisory services provided by The UK, The USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The health advice from the US CDC.

Many, many other worthwhile websites – far too many to mention.

My family who accompanied me on hundreds of  thousands of road miles and turned trials and tribulations into fond memories.

My daughter Claire who joined me on the epic move from South Africa (together with sundry tropical fish) and kept my rage in check when being stopped repeatedly with “requests for bribes.”  I could, and should, write a book about it!

To my daughter Shannon who attended to the legalities and formalities involved with company registration and proof read my writings.

To my wife Corrie who has had to put up with me rising at odd hours (to take advantage of electricity supply) so as to put this project together.

and above all….

To the hundreds of people over the years who have assisted me in times of trouble on the roads of Southern Africa.  Sadly I can‘t remember all those names.

To the many thousands of fellow travelers that have made road tripping so much fun.


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